Jenny Blake, career and business strategist and former career development program manager at Google, reveals how to methodically make your next career move by doubling down on what is already working.

Careers are not linear, predictable ladders any longer; they are fluid trajectories. No matter our age, life stage, bank account balance, or seniority, we are all being asked to navigate career changes much more frequently than in years past. The average employee tenure in America is just four to five years, and even those roles change dramatically within that time. Our economy now demands that we create businesses and careers based on creativity, growth, and impact. In this dynamic world of work, the only move that matters is your next one.

Drawing from her own experience and those of other successful pivoters, Jenny Blake has created a four-stage process that teaches anyone how to seamlessly and continually:

  • Double-down on existing strengths, interests, and experiences

  • Find new opportunities and identify skills to develop without falling prey to analysis-paralysis and compare-and-despair

  • Run small experiments to determine next steps

  • Take smart risks to launch with confidence in a new direction

This book is for anyone searching for an answer to the question, "What's next?" and has become the go-to book for innovative organizations to improve retention, communication, and internal mobility—while also helping managers improve their skills in holding 1:1 career conversations with their teams.

In 2017, Pivot won an award for Axiom Best Business Book in the careers category. JP Morgan selected Pivot for their client #NextList2017, and Business Insider named it among the 20 best business books of 2016 and 7 books that will change the way you work in 2017. Jenny has been featured as a career change expert on CNBC, in The New York Times and The Sunday Times UK. Her Pivot Podcast is a top rated show that CNBC listed among 6 podcasts to make you smarter about your career, and selected by Entrepreneur as one of the top 20 female-hosted business podcasts

If you are:

  • Hitting a plateau in your perfect-on-paper job

  • Considering taking on a new role in your organization

  • Mapping your growth to find resonant stretch projects within your current role

  • Thinking about starting your own business, or moving into a new industry altogether . . .

One thing remains clear: your career success depends on your ability to determine your next best move.

If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.




Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and Audible anywhere books are sold. Order online or purchase at your local bookstore. For organizations looking to order more than 25 copies, bulk rates are available.

"Pivot is a book you will turn to again and again, whether you're seeking a new career direction, a second career after retirement, or just on the lookout for new ways to use your talents. Jenny Blake takes a strength-based approach to managing the risk that comes with making a change and provides tons of helpful examples and exercises.”
—Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is Human and Drive


"A sharply reasoned and immensely practical guide to crafting a meaningful working life in an unpredictable world."
—Cal Newport, author of Deep Work


"If you don't manage your career, who will? Jenny Blake is here to remind us that we live in a different time, and the possibilities are endless—as long as we're willing to pivot."
—Seth Godin, author of What To Do When It's Your Turn


"To pivot well is the difference between millions and failure. Former Googler and entrepreneur Jenny Blake (one of my favorite human beings) dissects the pivot, how to do it, and how to do it right.”
—James Altucher, author of Choose Yourself and Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth


"It's not a matter of if you'll need to pivot your career, it's a matter of when. Let Jenny Blake show you how with this wildly practical guide to the career changes headed your way."
—Jon Acuff, author of Do Over


"Non-traditional career journeys are not only the new normal; they're how innovators throughout history changed their world and ours. With actionable insights and lucid prose, Jenny Blake illuminates the path to building your own destiny."
—Shane Snow, author of Smartcuts and co-founder of Contently


"Are the tectonic plates below your sturdy career suddenly splitting into a deep abyss of unknown? Let this book be your rope ladder out."
—Neil Pasricha, author of The Happiness Equation and 1,000 Awesome Things


Jenny’s passion is in helping people move beyond burnout to create sustainable, dynamic careers they love. She helps audiences ditch the rigidity of yesterday’s career ladder, instead treating their careers (and lives) as dynamic, constantly customizable apps on a smart phone. Whether talking about career pivots—even mapping next moves within one's existing role (which is where the most successful pivots start)—or teaching managers how to hold transformational 1:1 career conversations with their teams, beyond just inspiration, it’s Jenny’s interactive format, practical tools and templates, and encouragement that keep people coming back for more. 


Jenny Blake Featured Clients.png
Jenny has brilliant strategies for how to change your career to really enjoy your life. She is truly a miracle worker. I have seen her in action. And let me tell you the stage was on fire. The audience was glued. And life changed forever for them.”
— Christina Rasmussen, Founder of Second Firsts

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