This program is packed with powerful activities that are fun and engaging. It goes way beyond what you think of as an online course.

Career assessments

Get an objective assessment of your passions, strengths, personality type and the specific careers that fit.

The Passions Quest

An adaptation of the original pathfinding adventure: the vision quest. The passions quest sends you on a real-world adventure to find work you’ll love.

Tools to Overcome Your Doubts And Fears

There’s an entire module of activities packed with powerful psychological tools to help move through your fears and build up your confidence.

Case Studies

Get inspired by watching video interviews of former pathfinders that vulnerably share how they found their path.

The Career Claiming Tool

A magical spreadsheet that tells you what career is right for you!

Downloadable Workbook

Complete the coaching activities and keep all of your important discoveries in one place.

50+ Instructional Videos

Adrian is your online career coach, explaining what to do at each step via numerous videos.

Career Change Game Plan

A customizable document that guides your forward in your new career.