Jenny’s Intro Riff:

  • Short meditation/reflection questions
  • Being in the grip of fear and insecurity: what does it mean that they are doorways to opportunity?
  • Agitation as an invitation
  • How to read your body and be your own CEO
  • Podcasting Panel advice: launch and iterate

Resources Mentioned:

Topics Covered:

  • My speaking career: how I got started, prepare for speeches, and overcome fear of public speaking

  • Pivoting to serving a new audience: how you can support your audience at low cost and be able to support any budget at scale

  • On not being the 7-figure online marketer by focusing on the bigger bets

  • Three different models for podcasting, and when to introduce your podcast into your platform

  • Using podcasting to gain credibility and as a way to connect with new people and mentors

  • My college experience: taking a leave of absence to work for a political polling startup and still being able to graduate with my class

  • How to differentiate your services (hint: YOU are the differentiator). Focus on your story, and be specific about who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with.

  • Childhood traits and activities that might have led to my success today. No surprise, I loved playing business :)

  • On carving out time for pivots and side-hustles

  • What to focus on if you have limited time and want to generate income: direct income-generating activities vs. indirect income-generating activities