Checkout Success! Next Steps . . .


pivot coaching with melani dizon

I'm looking forward to working with you!

As a reminder, the Pivot Jumpstart package includes one month of coaching: two 45-minute sessions (held over the phone) with email in-between. If you would like to continue coaching after the jumpstart, you can enroll in ongoing coaching on a monthly retainer at a discounted rate. 

Next steps:

  1. Schedule our first session on my calendar here
  2. At the end of the scheduling process in Calendly, select "schedule another event" to schedule our second session two weeks after the first. 
  3. Optional: Jog your creative thinking with this Ideal Day Mad Lib (select File --> Make a Copy to save a version for yourself, or download the fillable PDF). Bonus: send it to me before our first session so I can get to know you better :) I'm at dizonmelani [at] gmail [dot] com.