Quick… what’s your career superpower? If that question made you shudder because you have no idea what yours is, then you’re in the right place. If you answered it in less than three seconds, then you’re either a) telling a little fib or b) you actually do know what it is, and you’re here because you have absolutely no idea how to get paid for your special sauce. In whatever case, I’m glad you’ve decided to check out what this fabulously awesome Pivot world is all about.  My goal is simple: To help you move from “How the hellio did my career turn out like this?” to “I cannot believe people actually pay me to do this!” 


Fun Fact: My goal: Walk 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. I’m ready to go. I just need a driver and a babysitter.

More about melani

Melani Dizon is allergic to titles, but here are a few she’s been labeled with over the years: teacher, career and business coach, therapist, social worker, author, copywriter, marketing consultant, behavioral analyst and even “the girl who gets sh*t done.” Today she’s obsessed with helping her clients put their careers on project status and helping them move from what they can do to what they’re MADE to do. She’s a full fledged ambassador for matching roles to behavioral styles and values and it’s her dream that everyone on the planet find and use their career superpower.

Melani is the author of Career Switch: How to Write & Play Your Way to Career Clarity, which is based on her belief that when you write something down, and follow it up with deliberate and specific action, pure magic comes next.

Working with Melani is never a passive endeavor. With over 20 years of experience working one-on-one with people in many intense situations, there’s no part of her that believes that if you really show up for this Pivot process, that you can’t create what you want in your career. But she also knows that doing her job means holding you to it. So she absolutely will. 

When she’s not writing, analyzing behavioral profiles or working with her clients, you’ll find her running the trails with her dog, drinking scalding hot like the sun decaf chai, dreaming about swimming pools, or trying to outdance her 10-year old daughter in Just Dance, which never happens. You can find out more at



Pivot Jumpstart includes one month of coaching (two 45-minute coaching sessions with email in-between) to help you set a strategy and start tackling it.