Courses for Solopreneurs and Authors

Pivot to Profit: Momentum

Step-by-Step Systems for Designing Your Ideal Six-Figure Heart-Based Business

Pivot to Profit is the six-month onboarding course you’ll receive when you join Momentum, my private community for solopreneurs. Each month includes a live 75-minute Masterclass to help you design and build toward your ideal six- or seven-figure business, across each of the four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants: Energy, Financial, Business-Building, and Systems Intelligence. You will learn how to pivot when you hit plateaus through the four-stage Pivot Method, a process you can repeat as many times as necessary to gain traction in your business.

You will also get access to Do This Next: 30-Day Systems Quickstart—a mini-course blueprint of exactly what systems, software, and mindset shifts I’d implement first if I were starting my business from scratch, and my Business Ninja Tech Toolkit: the 40 business services I subscribe to (and at what price) on a recurring monthly basis.

(He)art of Podcasting

A 5-Day Course on Presence, Powerful Questions, and Practical Systems and Tips for Bootstrapping Your Podcast

With so many shows out there, is it even worth it? There seems to be so much work to produce just one episode—where to even begin? What if you don't have a big budget or technical expertise, who and when are the best resources to help? 

Though my work supporting side-hustlers, solopreneurs, and other creatives for over ten years, these questions are increasingly common for the exploding and incredibly powerful podcasting medium—and easier to solve than you might think. 

(He)art of Book Publishing

Been itching to write a book but not sure where to start? Or in the middle of one but stuck on what's next? Join this week-long The (He)art of Book Publishing for soup-to-nuts practical, tactical tips for generating momentum and getting published.

As one of my book mentors Michael Larsen once said to me, "It is no longer a question of if you will get published, but when and how." This course includes five recorded workshops, along with a 20+ page guide and free templates for everything from proposal-writing to seamless marketing.

Delegation Ninja

An 8-week Course to Transform Frantic to Freedom


If you weren’t up to your eyeballs in tiresome chores and tiny to-dos? What would you create? Who would you spend time with? The more important question: how much is your time worth? 

Seriously, calculate it. What is your billable rate if you break down your income on an hourly basis? Does it still make sense for you to spend hours researching flight costs and travel dates only to save $150 on the ticket if you have spent $1,000 worth of your time? What would you rather have done instead? Where else could you have directed that big brain of yours to have earned an extra $1,000 instead of the frustrating feeling of frittering it away? 

Time is the most finite resource we have. None of us is getting out of this life game alive. You can earn more money, but you can’t earn more time. However, you can get smarter about how you spend that time.