Free-up Founder Time (Mini-Course)

Simple systems and strategies to free your
time, mind, and money

In 15 short, actionable lessons, I cover topics like content batching, time blocking, getting ready for your big break, courage cookies, luck trucks, and a whole lot more.

Each lesson has a combination of helpful tools, templates, podcast episodes, and book recommendations. I have also recorded each lesson (most are 5-10 minutes long) as audio for learning on the go.

I define Founder Time as time that you dedicate to working on your business, as the owner of the whole operation. Ideally, you schedule it for your most creative windows—when you feel energized to do your best work (for me that's early mornings).

Founder Time activities might include:

  • Upgrading your Operating System as the owner of the business through learning, revealing blind spots, and continuous improvement as a leader

  • Clarifying your mission

  • Creating a compelling vision

  • Setting strategy for revenue streams and next projects

  • Sharing your best ideas with the world through platform-building and thought-leadership

  • Hiring great people, and determining who can help deliver desired results for any next initiative

  • Delegating effectively, and empowering your team to work efficiently together toward a compelling future, while having fun along the way

I created this mini-course, Free-up Founder Time, in anticipation of doors re-opening for my private Momentum community. The goal: give us all a head-start on generating greater financial freedom, security, abundance, ease, and flow—in life and work.

My commitment: every single lesson will free up two to five hours of your time each week. The lessons will each contain a combination of my favorite things, at least one: big idea, bookRx, podcast, template, or tool to energize you and free your mind and your time.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get inside:

I have been doing a happy dance! I love everything that you are up to and Free-up Founder TIme is a spectacular jar of little candies. :)
— Milena

Preview a lesson from the Pivot Podcast on Sanity Savers: Content Batching and Time Blocking

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