This is a session to check-in on the coaching relationship and progress toward the goals that you set together at the outset.

You can let the client know it is a good time to do a mid-point review and recalibrate, and also ask if they have any other pressing topics they would like to cover. If so, split the session into two parts: 60% review, 40% on the specific topic/s (as they may come up in the review anyway).

At the beginning of the call, for as long as it seems relevant, check in on Primary Focus areas, have them rate each one on a scale of 1-10 again. How does that compare to their initial rating? Note progress, see if anything has shifted or you need to correct course in the coaching at all.

Don’t forget to celebrate all the accomplishments they have made! Note internal shifts as well as actual  action steps. Ask them to reflect: what are they most proud of so far? What have they learned? What would they be thrilled to accomplish in the second half of coaching? What areas still seem unresolved? What areas have they neglected that they may want to turn direct attention to for the next few sessions?  

Set the agenda for next few calls. Given today’s review, what would be most important to focus on during your remaining time together?

Coach Preparation

  • Review their stated primary focus areas and follow-up questions from Session 2

  • Make observations about their coach about what you are noticing they are most excited about, what they are doing well, what progress they have already made, and what actions might bridge the remaining gaps between where they are now and where they want to go in the most effective ways


Assign meaningful actions related to the highest priorities from Primary Focus Areas that haven’t yet been addressed; one key next step for each one.

If there's something they haven't made any progress on, particularly for secondary or tertiary goals, you could have them set-up a weekly accountability check in where they email you every Friday (For example, one client set-up a "Running, Yoga, Dating, Cooking (RYDC)" update around self-care practices that are important to her.