Jenny’s Intro Riff:

  • A short meditation after a long, hectic pre-holiday week
  • Why if-then statements are problematic
  • Dropping attachments and wants

Resources Mentioned:


Topics Covered:

  • The excitement of surpassing 100 reviews on Amazon soon, and sincere gratitude to all who have contributed
  • How to get a book to "take off," including the importance of asking the right questions, being of service in your relationships, and trusting that your book will find its way in the world
  • What is your superpower and how can you apply it to your one-year vision?
  • What to do when your gut is telling you a team member is not a good fit
  • What to do first when a new business idea first strikes  
  • How to figure out launch timing when you think you're ready to take the leap, and surrendering to the idea that you just might not know yet
  • Why Squarespace will always be the go-to website recommendation