Momentum Q&A Call with Jenny: April 4, 2017

Download and listen to the recording here

Jenny’s Intro Riff:

  • The starving artist perspective
  • Where in your business do you have a constricting belief?
  • In what ways are you showing up as a thriving artist or thriving solopreneur? 
  • Abundance and ease

Resources Mentioned:

Topics Covered:

  • Systems around saving content for social media
  • Using Evernote and my “Curiosity” notebook
  • Double-checking the laziness label. Is your body telling you you need rest?
  • Starting with a vision. Thinking about what success looks like and how you’re going to measure it
  • When starting to consult or coach, think about what your client really cares about
  • Resources and ideas for upgrading public speaking skills
  • Course marketing, offering webinars, and naming webinars
  • Why hiring help for social media doesn’t mean you lose authenticity