When on-boarding a new client, you have the option of sending them a Discovery Doc where they can fill in some preliminary information about their values, preferred coaching style, and primary focus areas.

Filling out this document (or your own edited version) can spark new insights even before the first session, and allows the client to take responsibility for the coaching by setting guidelines and sharing key information in advance.

Reviewing the Discovery Doc before your first session will also give you a preview of your client’s inner blueprint: what makes him or her tick, what method/s may work best, and what s/he is hoping to achieve during your work together.


  • Once someone has enrolled in a long-term engagement, it is ideal to schedule a recurring day and time for your sessions. It allows your calendars to align in advance.

  • Let your client know that you can both adjust on a one-off basis as needed, but that this recurring format will create structure and accountability, ensuring that sessions don’t fall through the cracks.


  • Review the doc.  This is an optional resource if this approach fits your coaching approach.

  • Save a copy of the Discovery Doc and edit as needed and rename it with the person’s name.

    • For example: {Your Name}/{Client Name} Discovery Doc & Coaching Notes

  • Share it with that individual, but without sending a message (uncheck the box)

  • Change the link in the email template below, and modify to your liking; then send!


CR: Coaching Next Steps

Hi {Name},

I am excited to start working together! Here are a few next steps:

  • Prep: Get started on this Discovery Doc before our first session. It should get the creative juices flowing, and will help me learn more about your vision, values and goals for coaching.

  • Scheduling: Let’s pick a recurring day and time to add to calendar — no problem if we need to move things around on a one-off basis.

Let me know if you have any questions before we talk next!

{Your Name}