• What is most important to you?

  • What are your career must-haves?

  • What core activities are part of your daily happiness formula?

  • What are your guiding principles in life?


Vision: 1 year from now . . .

  • How do you want to feel?

  • What does success look like?

  • How will you know? What types of results will you be seeing?

  • What’s your ideal average day?



  • What are your biggest strengths?

  • What activities did you enjoy as a kid?

  • When do you feel most “in the zone?”

  • What skills of yours are in high-demand?  




  • Who do you admire?

  • Who is doing something that is exciting to you?

  • Who would you love to build relationships with?


Skills / Learning / Research

  • What skills of yours are in high-demand?

  • What new skills would be most beneficial for you to learn?

  • In what way/s are you most excited to challenge yourself?




Small Experiments

  • Based on your strengths and your scanning, what type of opportunities are you looking for?  

  • What is one small experiment you can run?

  • What small action can you take to grow your skills?


Smart Risks

  • What bigger moves or projects might you want to tackle in the next year?

  • What would help you prepare?

  • What is the first next step?