108: Penney & Jenny Show Returns! On Spirituality and Small Business

I'm delighted to bring you the seventh (!) episode in a side series of this podcast we affectionately call the Penney & Jenny show :) It's a growing set of conversations with one of my dear friends and mentors (friendtors), Penney Peirce. We had so much fun during our first interview together that we added a second . . . which became a third . . . and so on, until it was a regular feature on the Pivot Podcast! 

This week we're riffing on the intersection of spirituality and small business—how we apply intuition, transparency, non-physical realms, and personal practices toward business-building, attracting clients, and earning a living in a way that feels easeful and joyful. You can check out all of our interviews here, and for easier listening, tune in on our SoundCloud playlist

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More About Penney Peirce


Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive empath and visionary, and one of the pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is a popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, “skillful perception,” transformation, and dreamwork.

She is the author of The Intuitive WayFrequencyLeap of PerceptionDream Dictionary for DummiesThe Present Moment, and her latest: Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity.

Topics We Cover

  • Penney: dropping “serving” from inner blueprint after realizing the role in so many past lives; all clients dropped. When they came back, it was no longer out of obligation, but fun - all new kind of people

  • Greater genius can be accessed when you’re non-sacrificial, allows more of you the soul to shine through, so much more connected with collective consciousness

  • Curvilinear, dropping even the notion of “work” and instead focus on self-expression

  • Doing things for entertainment, even our process of creating this podcast

  • Honor our likes and dislikes in what we choose to do in our work, noticing where you contract

  • How large we want our organizations to be, dropping the obsession with promotion

  • Unhooking from outcomes, competition, financial specifics, old definitions and orientations toward success and ambition

  • Patience and a sense of faith, relax into a sense that success will happen

  • Going into inner, non-physical world to plan/call in marketing and clients

  • Dropping the pressure to be a “marketeer”, going against what has integrity

  • All work that you put out has a frequency

  • Penney Imagining a big lighthouse above her body: “Here I am”

  • For Penney: Message to be exposed, don’t try to hide; be a clear space in the field of Florida

  • How this all relates to Jenny's

  • Jenny: Public original thinking, “show me how to serve”

  • Dropping even the phrase “the outside world”

  • Penney: inner and outer are not separate - law of correlation

  • How to handle lulls in business/income, the liminal space after finishing a certain set of life lessons

  • Penney: What’s my next courageous act?

  • Excitement and enthusiasm versus ambition

  • How business itself is shifting as everything gets faster: how we’re being, change can be instant

  • Penney’s upcoming workshop: Intuition and energy dynamics for counselors and healing professionals - coming up - shift the perspective on healing, away from the linear

  • Interested in an in-person workshop in NYC on these topics? Let us know!

Spirituality and Small Business with Penney Peirce

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