70: Build a Referral Engine with John Jantsch

"It's not enough to have a good solution. Buzzed-about businesses have a good solution draped in a total experience that excites, delights and surprises the customer."

—John Jantsch, author of The Referral Engine and Duct Tape Marketing

There a few classic books—and business concepts—that I declare must-reads for every solopreneur and side-hustler I work with, and The Referral Engine is one of them. Especially if you're someone who bristles at so much of the online marketing tactics out there like I do, referrals are one of the best ways to get new clients. There is already a foundation of trust established with the incoming client, and it means that you exceeded expectations enough for the referring client to authentically spread the word about your services. In this week's show, business master-thinker John Jantsch and I dive into exactly how to create delightful experiences and systems that will make referrals a key part of your business, not just a happy accident.  

More About John Jantsch


John Jantsch has been called the World's Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies. John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and best selling author. He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.

John recently published his latest book SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs. 

Topics We Cover

  • Systematizing the process of referrals

  • Doing something unexpected forces people to talk about you in positive ways

  • Social media is the easiest way to be able to share your referrals

  • Educating your referral sources help make the perfect client

  • Start planting the seed of referrals with your clients from the beginning

  • Overcoming self-doubt to be able to ask for referrals from others

  • Core talkable differences: be unique enough that they know and want to talk about it

  • Asking for referrals on a day-to-day basis

  • Simplifying the marketing system to help most businesses in a profitable way

  • Design with community in mind

Podcast: Build a Referral Engine with John Jantsch

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