46: Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking with Shane Snow

"The fastest route to success is never traditional, and the conventions we grew up with can be hacked."

—Shane Snow, author of Smartcuts

How do hackers, innovators and icons accelerate success? Find out in this week's episode with one of my favorite authors, Shane Snow.

I loved Smartcuts so much when I first picked it up that I would walk down the streets of New York holding the hardcover version so I could continue reading while walking. Move over annoying texting-while-walking pedestrians! I brought distracted strolling to a whole new level. Now that's a true testament to how hard this book was to put back down once I picked it up, and it's now out on paperback for your reading pleasure! 

More About Shane Snow

Shane Snow is an award-winning journalist, celebrated entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of Smartcuts: The Surprising Power of Lateral Thinking. He is co-founder of the content technology company Contently, which helps creative people and companies tell great stories together, and serves on the board of the Contently Foundation for Investigative Journalism.

Snow's writing has appeared in Fast CompanyWiredThe New Yorker, and dozens more top publications. He’s been called a “Wunderkind” by The New York Times, a “Digital Maverick” by Details, and his work “Insanely addicting” by GQ—though he wishes they had been talking about his abs.

Topics We Cover

  • What is means to think laterally and why it matters

  • How breakthroughs happen

  • The career trajectory of U.S. presidents—it's not what you expect!

  • The importance of flexibility

  • Why we rationalize failure; how to turn failure into feedback

  • How moving sideways from gig to gig helps you accelerate your own journey rather than climbing the traditional career ladder

  • Why not you? Why not reach for a new level of success?

  • How momentum, not experience, is the biggest predictor of success

  • Smartcuts for mapping your next move

Podcast: Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power Of Lateral Thinking 

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