Jenny’s Intro Riff:

  • New moons and season-changes as times for reflection and manifestation 
  • Truth tears and taking time to get intuitive 
  • "I am always whole. I can never be broken. Cracks only add beauty."
  • A quick and powerful breathing and visualization exercise 
  • A poem from Momentum Member Theo

Resources Mentioned:

Topics Covered:

  • How I approach and prioritize audio quality on podcasts

  • What I think of Ryan Holiday's article "Please, Please, For The Love Of God: Do Not Start a Podcast" as well as the joyful benefits of starting a podcast 

  • Dealing with impatience, and how to move forward when things don't feel like they're progressing

  • How to prioritize business streams of income, and what we can learn from false starts in business

  • Why you might want to write your book and book proposal simultaneously (instead of one after the other)

  • The benefits of coach training, and why I think it is absolutely worth it 

  • The top books that have had a positive impact on my life and that I would recommend to anyone

  • The physical, mental, and social benefits of yoga, and how to push past initial resistance to start doing yoga

  • How to answer the ubiquitous "What do you do?" question in an exciting and engaging way

  • How to process rejection and know when it's time to make changes