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Jenny Blake, career and business strategist, and author of PIVOT: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One (Portfolio/Penguin Random House, September 2016)

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PIVOT: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One

Alternative title: PIVOT: Map Your Next Move

No matter your age, life stage, bank account balance, or career level, you can learn how to pivot strategically into your next opportunity or grow within your current role. Your best chance of success lies right under your feet. By doubling down on what is already working, you can cut through confusion and move more quickly in a new direction, starting with thinking about how you want to grow within your current role. Pivoting is a mindset and a skill set, and it is one we can all get better at.

This interactive keynote workshop will resonate with anyone facing the question of what comes next by providing a methodical plan to move forward, one that you can cycle through as many times as necessary to map your next moves within your role and the broader organization.

The Pivot Method is a 4-stage process that will help participants:

  • Identify existing strengths, interests and experiences, and defining success one year out.

  • Scan the horizon for new skills, people and opportunities, without falling prey to analysis-paralysis or compare-and-despair.

  • Reduce risk by running small experiments and working on projects that can provide feedback and help determine next career steps

  • Launch with confidence, bolstered by the skills and methodology to adjust seamlessly and continuously as you move in a new direction

Participants will walk away with:

  • An empowering perspective on pivots as a product of your success, not a personal shortcoming or failure, but rather a natural and normal part of high net growth individual's’ career progression

  • Strategies for mapping your next move and growing within your current role or business (pivots are not limited to dramatic changes; rather they start right where you already are)

  • A better understanding of your strengths, interests, when you’re most “in the zone” — and how to leverage those into your next move

  • A clearer vision of what success looks like one year from now: how you want to learn, grow, and make a bigger impact

  • An action plan for small experiments and next steps that can help you build in that direction

  • If applicable: Practical advice for talking to your manager about projects that excite you and fit your career goals


PIVOT for Managers, Mentors and Coaches: How to Career Coach

Managers, mentors and coaches will learn a 3-step coaching process for helping others explore career development options, navigate change, and quickly work through situations in which they feel stuck or uncertain.

Managers and coaches will walk away with a simple framework they can share with the person sitting across from them, giving teams a shared language to talk about career change, pivot points, small experiments, and mapping next moves within one’s role.

Participants will walk away with:

  • A solid overview of the four-stage Pivot Method and how to apply it as a coaching framework to foster a culture of adaptability and fluidity

  • Skills around asking powerful questions to support individuals’ learning, personal development plans, and overall career development

  • Specific tools to quickly align individual goals and career aspirations with team and company goals (to help coachees see that these do not have to be mutually exclusive)

  • Best practices to help people develop and explore opportunities within their roles.

  • Solid grasp of simple, powerful questions to guide conversation; understanding of common coaching pitfalls