At a certain point it becomes time for a bigger Launch. The first three stages of the Pivot Method, repeated as many times as necessary, help reduce risk and give you a greater chance of success, often taking you 80-90 percent of the way toward your goal. Launch is where you pull the trigger on the remaining 10 to 20 percent. These are the bigger decisions that require commitment even in the face of remaining uncertainty.




  • Launch Timing Criteria Checklist: You have reduced risk by cycling through the first three stage of the Pivot Method (Plant, Scan, Pilot), but how do you know when it is time to go all in? This template, excerpted from the book, will help you identify and prioritize your most important launch criteria. 
  • Project Plan TemplateThis is a simple project plan template (though fancier than the thumbnail preview indicates). “Done?” column cells change color automatically if you type “Yes”, “No,” or “In Progress.”
  • Quarterly Focus TrackerSet a focus area for the next three months, identify key milestones, and record your progress for accountability and success.
  • Pivot Hexagon: Launch Trade-offs and Values Evaluation: Some launches involve tradeoffs or tough decisions. Print out the Pivot Hexagon (excerpted from the book) to rate your values, and to create a scorecard for each decision you are considering.