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Snapshot from the  Pivot  launch party at the iconic rare books room at Strand Books in New York City. A book lover's dream!

Snapshot from the Pivot launch party at the iconic rare books room at Strand Books in New York City. A book lover's dream!

Hi! I’m Jenny.

I love helping heart-based business owners earn twice as much in half the time, with joy and ease, for the highest good for all involved.

I’m an author, international speaker, podcaster & solo+preneur living in my soul city, manhattan.

I’m fascinated by strategies for navigating change, and I love exploring systems at the intersection of mind, body, and business. 

I set-up my first website in 2005, turned it into a blog in 2007 while working full-time at Google, then I went “all in” on my own business (despite the protests of my Inner CFO!) when my first book launched in 2011. I’ve been self-employed ever since, as a solo“plus”preneur (earning mid-six figures, with a small team of four part-time employees). My second book, Pivot, launched in 2016 and set the foundation for licensing and speaking work with companies, and my passion project of coaching solo+preneurs in my private Momentum Community. I started the Pivot Podcast in 2014 to connect with other heart-based authors and business owners on strategies for navigating change.

My motto? If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.

Here's a quick video hello about my book,
Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One
*Yes, I meticulously color-code my bookshelf like a crazy person

And here's one of me opening my box of books for the very first time:


I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to have all the answers.

But I love sharing my own process, tips and tools to help you get insanely organized, inspired, and ready to take action and grow in a new, expanded direction.

Not in the name of hamster-wheel productivity, but for the sake of big ideas, big dreams, freedom in business-building, and your daily bliss list.


I hate to be the bearer of (semi) bad news, but the things that scare you most require action before they reward you with the courage cookie to keep going.

Big undertakings require a belief — even a tiny microscopic spec of a belief — that you can and deserve to give something your best shot, regardless of whether you succeed or fail.

I’m guessing that’s at least a small part of why you’re here.


I launched my first website Life After College in 2005, then released a book of the same name in 2011. My book launch was the catalyst to finally take my side hustle seriously by turning it into a full-time gig . . . more on that below.

I completed The Coaches Training Institute’s CPCC coach certification in 2008 while working at Google. I went on to co-create Google’s global drop-in career coaching program, Career Guru, one that is still in place over a decade later, and often cited as one of the factors that makes Google a great place to work.

In 2011, the same year my book came out, I made a conscious choice to get off my own treadmill of expectations and preconceived notions of success. As terrified as I was by the prospect of failure, I knew it was time to build a business that fit my life, not the other way around.

So, after two years at an Internet start-up followed by five and a half years at Google, I left corporate life in 2011 to focus on serving others and building my business full-time, and to unequivocally prioritize my health and happiness while doing it.

I now schedule my days around fresh air and exercise, and I start each day by reading newspapers or non-fiction with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t schedule meetings on Mondays or Fridays so I can work on Founder Time activities (check-out my free course here to learn more). With rare exception I eat “clean” (minimal gluten, dairy, meat, refined sugar, or alcohol) because I feel light years better and more creative when I do. And . . . I still sleep with the teddy bear I’ve had since I was six.


What’s yours?

If you could suspend all fear and practicalities, what would your next big move be?
How would you structure your days? Your income?

Kick off your shoes and get comfortable. I’d love to help you dig up and (re)discover your passions, interests, and big ideas as I explore the same. The welcome mat might have my name on it, but this is a place for all of us to learn and grow from each other.


C’mon in and stay awhile! Dive into the free toolkit resources, check out the Pivot Podcast archives, stay up-to-date via my PivotList newsletter, hire a Pivot Coach if you're looking for more 1:1 support, or join my private Momentum community for side-hustlers and solopreneurs—I'd love to have you as part of the crew! 

To you,