Hi! I'm Jenny.

I’m an author, speaker, career coach and business strategist living in New York City. 

I love helping awesome people like you organize your brain, move beyond burnout and build a sustainable career you love. I’m the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One (Portfolio/Penguin Random House, September 2016), which won Axiom Best Business Book in the careers category, and Life After College (Running Press, 2011).

After two years at a technology start-up followed by five years at Google in Training and Career Development, I moved to New York City in 2011 where I’ve been running my own consulting business in the years since (and often imagining that I’m starring in a movie when I walk down crowded city streets).

I’m fascinated by strategies for navigating change in our rapidly-evolving economy, and I geek out exploring and creating systems at the intersection of mind, body, and business. I live for helping people embrace fear, insecurity and uncertainty as doorways of opportunity.

My motto: if change is the only constant, let's get better at it.

What's next? This is a question we’re all being asked to answer more frequently, as innovation, automation, outsourcing, and technology continue to change our economy and our organizations at rapid clip. That’s why I created the Pivot Method—a four-stage framework—to help all of us get better at answering that question. The Pivot Method helps individuals, managers, and organizations map growth for the year ahead, even within one’s current role or business. No big leaps required.

The Pivot Method has four stages that you can cycle through to propel you forward and build momentum:
Plant: What’s already working? What does success look like one year from now?
Scan: What’s out there (related people, skills, and projects)? And, most importantly . . .
Pilot: What can you try? What small experiments can you run starting from right where you are?

The fourth stage, Launch, is either going all-in in a new direction, or it could be a “little L” launch, to distill your answers from the previous stages down to one or two clear, resonant, small next steps.

So . . . if you could suspend all fear and practicalities, what would your one next move be?
How would you structure your days? Your income? Your time?
What energizes you most? When are you most “in the zone” and how can you build your day to get there more often?
What drains you, and how can you drop, delegate, or automate it?

These are the questions I ask and answer through my book Pivot, the Pivot Podcast, and my weekly(ish) PivotList missives, a curated round-up of the best tips, tools, books, and resources I’ve discovered ‘round the web. I’m proud to share that CNBC listed Pivot among 6 podcasts to make you smarter about your career, and that it was selected by Entrepreneur as one of the top 20 female-hosted business podcasts

I’d love to help you dig up and (re)discover your passions, interests, and big ideas as I do the same. The welcome mat might have my name on it, but this is a place for all of us to learn and grow from each other.