Create a Culture of Compelling Career Conversations

Many employees seem to have one foot out the door — particularly top performers who are seeking greater meaning and impact from their work.

Leaders care deeply about employee retention and engagement, but don’t always have the tools to close the career development gap between an employee who has hit a ceiling with visibility into opportunities for growth within the company.

The new reality is career as a smart phone, not a ladder—dynamic, and customizable to each individual. I teach leaders how to help employees “pivot before they leap”—to find further growth within their company to avoid feeling like their only option is to quit in order to advance.

Careers are not linear any more, but they are not random either.

Drawing upon my experiences working in global Career Development at Google and interacting with thousands of Millennials as the founder of Life After College, I will illuminate strategies for greater retention, engagement, and internal mobility within companies large and small.

Leaders will walk away with strategies to:

  • Foster agility within employees and leaders and create a culture of adaptability and fluidity
  • Keep high performers engaged: learning, growing, and involved in career development programs. If they are going to Pivot it’s important to show it can be done from within the company, even if it means a rotation program, 20% project or horizontal move.
  • Tools to have these conversations and align individual goals and career aspirations with the team and company metrics and performance expectations – these do not have to be mutually exclusive.



To inquire about working together, please send me an emailI look forward to hearing from you!