“Jenny Blake is a excellent speaker and moderator. LOVED it. Clear thoughts, speakers who 100% resonated with me. I only wish the session had been longer!”
— Boston Conference for Women, Pivot panel attendee

Hosting Panels, Q&A Sessions

As an author, career coach, podcaster, and former journalist, I love the art of asking great questions. If you are looking for a host for a panel or special event, please get in touch!

Jenny Blake was very captivating as a speaker and moderator. Kept the session interesting and informational.”
— Massachusetts Conference for Women, Pivot panel attendee

Below are some examples of my work as the host for Comcast Social Media Lounge at SXSW 2016 and SXSW 2017—my role was to get prepped on each guest (sometimes with as little as five minutes to spare!) and keep the room "alive" with exciting interviews throughout the day.

“The panel provided a varied perspective which was very authentic and honest, balanced encouragement with practical steps.”
— Boston Conference for Women, Pivot panel attendee

South by Southwest Social Media Lounge Emcee


Women@Forbes Pivot Panel Host

Amazing speakers! Loved their points of view and the diversity of backgrounds. Jenny Blake was a great facilitator—her questions were so thoughtful and relevant, I just wish I had attended her other session! I am definitely buying her book.”
— Silicon Valley Watermark Conference, Pivot panel attendee