PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One

No matter your age, life stage, bank account balance, or career level, you can learn how to pivot strategically into your next opportunity or grow within your current role. Your best chance of success lies right under your feet. By doubling down on what is already working, you can cut through confusion and move more quickly in a new direction. Pivoting is a mindset and a skill set, and it is one we can all get better at.

This interactive keynote workshop will resonate with anyone facing the question of what comes next by providing a methodical plan to move forward, one that you can cycle through as many times as necessary.

The Pivot Method is a 4-stage process that will help participants:

  • Identify existing strengths, interests and experiences, and defining success one year out.

  • Scan the horizon for new skills, people and opportunities, without falling prey to analysis-paralysis or compare-and-despair.

  • Reduce risk by running small experiments that can provide feedback and help determine next steps in your career trajectory.

  • Launch with confidence, bolstered by the skills and methodology to adjust seamlessly and continuously as you move in a new direction.

Keynote Includes:

  • 45-90 minute workshop

  • Time for Q&A

  • Optional book signing  
The Pennsylvania Conference for Women conference was wonderful. The best session I attended was Jenny Blake ‘s session on her Pivot method. It was about how to make your “next” move in your life, which we are doing much more often. I was scribbling furiously the entire time. It is a wonderful step by step method that (I find) is based in actual reality, psychology, and neuroscience. Unlike other books or sessions that sometimes can give you inspiration, but sometimes little by way of a true actionable plan, her session was refreshing and based on a very deliberate way of taking that risk.
— Corina, Pennsylvania Conference for Women attendee
Jenny really impressed me with her talk at TEDxCMU. Her strategies to success find the delicate balance between optimism and pragmatism and her success and enthusiasm are testimonial to her ideas. Jenny’s thought process and intellect are aspects of her character that really make her stand out.”
— Mia Wang, Member of the TEDxCMU (Carnegie Melon) Organizer Team

Pivot: How to Career Coach (Manager Training)

Managers and coaches will learn a 3-step coaching process for helping others explore career development options, navigate change, and quickly work through situations in which they feel stuck or uncertain. Managers and coaches will walk away with a simple framework they can share with the person sitting across from them.

In addition to learning The Pivot Method, participants will gain skills around asking powerful questions to support individuals’ learning, growing, and career development, specific tools to quickly align individual goals and career aspirations with team and company needs (to help clients see that these do not have to be mutually exclusive), coaching language to help foster a culture of adaptability and fluidity, and tools to help people develop and explore opportunities within their roles.

What’s included:

  • Highly interactive, experiential 3-hour training session

Optional add-ons:

  • Private coaching for individual managers and coaches

  • Observation triad calls (Jenny + 3 participants) for participants to practice the Pivot Method as coaches and receive feedback

It was a privilege to work with Jenny as our keynote speaker for the UC Academic Advising Conference in Spring 2014. She demonstrated authentic enthusiasm for our event from the very initial contact I had with her as one of the conference coordinators. She was very thoughtful in seeking out our input to make sure that her talk was customized to the needs of our audience—-a diverse group of student and academic affairs professionals who work with undergraduate students.

Her vibrant spirit, good humor, and sharp wit come together in a way that allows Jenny to engage people through her speaking. In receiving feedback from the conference participants, many people said that the highlight of the 3-day conference was her keynote and were confident that they would apply her relevant and insightful concepts into their own lives as well as when working with their students. And this is the true goal for any keynote speech- to not just inspire people, but inspire people to take action.

I cannot recommend working with Jenny enough; I believe that having her as our keynote speaker raised the overall caliber of our event in an invaluable way!
— Kelli Sholer, M.S., Student Affairs Officer, UC Davis


Speak Like a Pro: Practical Tips to Propel Confidence and Delivery

Take it from a woman who used to get hives when presenting at important meetings during her time at Google: we all get nervous before major speaking opportunities — our body is going into a predictable fight or flight response from being isolated on an open plane, with dozens of eyeballs staring at us. The question is, do you know the insider tips and tricks to harness those nerves and use them to your advantage?

In this interactive keynote, based on years of international speaking experience and over five years on the Training & Development team at Google, I share practical tips to improve your confidence and delivery while speaking in front of others.

Participants will learn:

  • How to influence behavior change
  • How to structuring a presentation effectively to enact positive change
  • The brain science behind how to practice your delivery to nail your content without notes
  • Physiological tips for calming nerves, and
  • Pointers for delivering your speech in an engaging, concise manner (with examples from the last presidential election)

These skills will help you with everything from internal presentations to client meetings to larger speaking engagements, and ensure that your audiences walk away feeling inspired and motivated to action.

To get a feel for the content of this keynote, view the slide deck here or watch a recent 40-minute webinar version of the workshop. 

I had the privilege of getting to hear you speak this year at the Adelante conference in San Antonio. Your presentation has literally changed my life. I no longer view life or my career the same any more and I have been doing real deep life-searching and examining. I realized that I was no longer a human being but rather a ‘human doing.’ What you said at the conference has really challenged and provoked me mentally and opened my eyes.”
— Ray Perez, Adelante Leadership Conference attendee

Speaking Resume

Here’s a sampling of previous events:

Universities & Keynotes

  • Google (SF) & Parsons (NYC) – Speak Like a Pro Workshop
  • MIT Society of Women Engineers & Work-Life Center
  • Yale Masters Tea: Career in the Age of the App
  • Wire Me Awake Entrepreneurship Conference Keynote
  • Pratt Find & Follow Your Passion – Closing Keynote
  • TEDxCMU – Opening Speaker, Career in the Age of the App
  • 20 Something Bloggers – Closing Keynote
  • University of Calgary – Graduating this Year program – Closing Keynote
  • Google g2g Summit Keynote in Dublin, Ireland

Conferences & Breakout Sessions

  • Host, Comcast Social Media Lounge at SXSW2016
  • Elevate, Empower and Engage: Women’s Business Summit at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week
  • HMG Strategy Group Conference Breakout (for 200 Chief Information Officers)
  • Adelante Leadership Conference workshop
  • United Women in Business panelist
  • Emerging Women NYC Rally
  • Moxie Camp conference for women
  • Texas Conference for Women
  • Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship 
  • Book Breakthrough NYC
  • American Journalism Society – Book Marketing panel
  • Columbia University – Social Media weekend
  • 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship Retreat
  • Cancer & Careers – Young Adult session

Corporate Training & Workshops

  • Google – Authors@Google, Speak Like a Pro, Career in the Age of the App, The Pivot Method for Internal Coaches (Mountain View, New York, Singapore)
  • Best Buy – Series of 4 workshops on goal-setting, career and money
  • KPMG – Know How To be the CEO of Your Career
  • Two Sigma Investments – Panel coaching for executives
  • Intuit – tech talk for
  • The Center for Association Leadership – Career Development workshop