To get the most out of this toolkit, grab your copy of Pivot first! 

Every exercise in the book has a corresponding template that you can copy and customize (grouped by the four stages of the Pivot Method). Navigate on the left or below:

  • What's Your Pivot Profile? Find out with the 5-minute Pivotability self-assessment.
  • People: Connect with pivoters featured in the book and see what they are up to now.
  • Plant: Harness your strengths, double down on what's already working, and set a clear one-year vision.
  • Scan: Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to end up through people, skills, and opportunities.
  • Pilot: Small experiments to reduce risk and test new ideas.
  • Launch: When to pull the trigger and go all in.
  • Lead: Pivot in organizations and as a coaching method.
  • Glossary: Learn all the Pivot lingo!
  • Podcast: Show notes from conversations how to navigate change like a pro.
  • Behind the Book: All my best resources and templates for researching, organizing, writing, editing and marketing. 
  • Momentum: A private community for solopreneurs and side-hustlers
  • Career Pathfinder Course: a 10-week program to help you pivot your career.
  • Jumpstart Coaching: Sign-up for two sessions with a Pivot Coach for 1:1 support.