133: Free-up Founder Time Preview — Time Blocking and Content Batching

How can I earn twice as much in half the time, with joy and ease, while serving the highest good for all involved? This is one of the central questions in my solo+preneur-based business, one that builds a habit (okay, okay, obsession) of looking for simple systems and strategies to help free our time, mind, and money.

This episode is preview lesson from my new—totally free!—mini-course, Free-up Founder Time. I cover strategies for time blocking and content batching, and walk you through exactly how I set-up my schedule each week (knowing that life and work never go perfectly to plan). I define Founder Time as time that you dedicate to working on your business, as the owner of the whole operation. Ideally, you schedule it for your most creative windows—when you feel energized to do your best work.  

After you listen, register for the course here to kick-off your fall with more time and energy! In 15 short actionable lessons, I cover topics like content batching, time blocking, getting ready for your big break, courage cookies, luck trucks, and a whole lot more. Each lesson as a combination of helpful tools, templates, podcast episodes, and book recommendations. I also recorded each lesson (most are 5-10 minutes long) as audio for learning on the go. My goal: every lesson will free up two to five hours of your time each week!

Check out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned at http://PivotMethod.com/133.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to generate greater financial freedom, security, abundance, ease, and flow

  • How to free up big blocks of time to do your most creative, strategic work

  • Become much more efficient by batching your time and doing similar activities together, even planning them on a quarterly basis

  • How to hone your systems through the process of building the business every year

Free-up Founder Time Preview: Time Blocking and Content Batching

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