129: Penney & Jenny Show—Why Do We Hesitate to Be Much More of Ourselves?

Why do we hesitate when it comes to being more of ourselves? In this episode, which happens to be released on Penney’s birthday (woohoo!) we discuss why we fears and limitations that hold us back from our fullest expression.

In this conversation, we talk about the cultural pressure to fit in, self-entertainment as spiritual practice, setting big goals and going too big or too small, willingness to be a “misfit,” why transparency attracts more joyful friendships, and what’s behind comparison to others—how noticing a quality in someone else means that you have that quality somewhere within you. 

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About Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive empath and visionary, and one of the pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is a popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, “skillful perception,” transformation, and dreamwork.

She is the author of The Intuitive WayFrequencyLeap of PerceptionDream Dictionary for DummiesThe Present Moment, and her latest: Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity.

Topics We Cover

  • [03:47] The true self is the magical joyful part of us that we have sometimes forgotten about.

  • [09:15] When allowing yourself to be a misfit, you can find your own talents and your own way.

  • [15:30] People-pleasing and thinking about what others want you to be

  • [18:41] Comparison can influence us to be more like someone else. We can use more of certain things that we admire in people. We can activate that quality in our own lives. 

  • [25:42] How cultural programming creates a need to define ourselves as having an identity. Then we develop habits and stay within that identity. Captivity in identity can create a kind of complacency.

  • [31:38] Souls define lifetimes very wisely. There is a core motivation that comes from the soul whether the conscious mind realizes it or not. Stay in the moment and make choices on what feels real and right.

  • [33:29] When people choose what they really love, they make more money.

  • [39:31] Self entertainment as a spiritual state.

  • [52:27] Choosing to be more of yourself will inherently attract that transparency and opportunities. Focus on what you do to be your best which is ultimately being yourself.

  • [54:50] Challenge: Do one thing that has you feeling a little bit more exposed this week. You might have a vulnerability hangover!

  • [56:32] Try to notice for a week the negative declarative statements that your left brain puts out. Then leave a space and turn them around to the opposite thing. This allows energy to flow. 

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