34: Perception: Navigating Our Non-Linear Universe with Penney Peirce

“The new attention span is about scope. Time stops, everything is instantaneous, coordinated and synchronous. You can already feel the result existing.”

—Penney Peirce, Leap of Perception

I have had such a blast talking with Penney Peirce about her Transformation Trilogy on intuition, frequency, and now perception. Talk about a dream come true! Today’s Pivot Podcast is our third in the series, and we dive deep into the nature of our holographic universe, the shift toward right-brain perception, why attention is the new intention (forget the law of attraction), how to find flow in projects, and how to navigate the void after major life or work phases are complete. 

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Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive empath and visionary, and one of the pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is a popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, “skillful perception,” transformation, and dreamwork. She is the author of The Intuitive WayFrequencyLeap of PerceptionDream Dictionary for Dummies, and The Present Moment.


  • “Worrying is praying for something you don’t want.”

  • How to use your right-brain for greater perception

  • We are involved in a big acceleration process on the planet (Schumann Resonance)

  • Shifting from linear perception into the Intuition Age, which is spherical and holographic

  • Non-physical realm precipitates the physical realm; your inner blueprint is the pattern you hold, and your reality will manifest that pattern

  • We are all the center of the universe: we are one huge collective consciousness, and we all have our individual center points.

  • Every cell of our bodies contains memory, intelligence, the wisdom of the whole.

  • Superconsciousness; logging on to the collective wisdom internet

  • Thoughts create reality, emotion accelerates it

  • How to stop thinking about what you want and become more lighthearted and right-brained about it

  • Attention versus intention: why the former is much more effective

  • It is not the law of attraction: when you enter this new consciousness, everything is inside the sphere with you—nothing is separated from you

  • Attention is the powerful force for this new consciousness; it is through attention on a new idea that it materializes. Boredom or lack of attention and it dissolves.

  • Intuition is the perception of transformation. It is the way we are going to work: direct knowing, direct experience, empathy, feeling into everything and knowing it all at once.

  • Willpower means you are still thinking about the future and it is separate from you

  • The flowing cycle of creation: Be, Do, Have—Spirit, Mind, Body—Inspiration to Choice, Action to Materialization, Dissolution to Resourcing

  • Old systems are breaking down because they aren’t reinventing themselves

  • Dealing with the void that so many of us struggle with

  • “The future isn’t out there. Just listen.”

  • The soul knows what it’s doing and we can trust that. That fuels our trust for timing, the flow, other people, everything.

  • How these subjects influence Penney’s book writing process


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“In horses, as in other species, certain experiences and conditions can cause changes to the way the DNA works in their cells. Though it has never been proved scientifically, Gutiérrez, Meeker, and Mutto suspect that these epigenetic changes, as they’re called, can result in things as complex as a horse’s learned behaviors being stored not just in the horse’s brain but encoded in every cell in the body.

When the adult horse is cloned, they believe, these “cellular memories” are copied right along with the DNA. Mariano Aguerre, ranked among the top polo players in the world, has observed something along these lines with the clone of his champion gelding Califa. The original Califa has an intense fear of garden hoses; its clone is equally terrified of them.

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