14: Systems, Hacks and Shortcuts for Solopreneurs

Happy November! As I shared in my latest JB.me behind-the-business update, Pivot for Pivot, we have postponed the book launch from March to next September. My initial resistance turned to great relief as I realized I could actually enjoy some time off over the holidays! Read the behind-the-scenes recap for the biggest mindset mistake this move highlighted, and how I corrected course.

While my editor Natalie reviews the latest draft, I spent the month of October furiously studying podcasting and audio editing. I am getting ready to take the Pivot Podcast “pro” by getting it on iTunes . . . with fancy intro and outro music and all that jazz. I am very close! In the meantime, check out the 9 existing episodes on SoundCloud.

The most recent was a two hour pow-wow with my friend Elisa on all of our best business tools and tactics. Take a listen: Systems, Hacks and Shortcuts for Solopreneurs with Elisa Doucette (her awesome show notes are here). For a full systems bootcamp to get you set-up for 2016, check out the 5-Day Systems Ninja course.


We have two months left in 2015: what projects do you want to start or finish?Marisol set-up an awesome NaNoBlogMo goal for us this year—we’re tracking 50 project hours, modeled after the popular National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Add your name to this tracking spreadsheet to join us for group accountability!