90% of people who complete the entire program find a new career path

Adrian’s Online Career Coaching Program opened me to all sorts of job opportunities almost immediately. I evolved my career in a new direction and stepped into more of a leadership role.
— Pete - Electrician, Oakland
I absolutely loved Adrian’s online Career Pathfinding Program. I had expected the same type of “list your passions,” “take this personality test,” “take this strengths test” things I had done in the past, but this program was completely different. I am so grateful to finally have a direction that is perfect for me.
— Anne - Writer, San Francisco
The online career coaching program is uncanny in how it predicts your feelings and the stages you’ll go through. It’s amazing how clear things look now and I shudder to think how much time I wasted before finding A Path that Fits!
— Matt - Business Analyst, San Francisco
I loved the do-it-yourself pace. The tools and exploration exercises were enlightening.
— Alyssa - VP Business Services, Hawaii
I was a bit skeptical at first, since I was looking for one-on-one coaching and did not think that I could get results with a self-guided program. This was not the case! I found the online career coaching program to be engaging and enlightening.
— Alexis - Future physician, Sacramento
I can tell you that after 3+ months using the Career Pathfinder eCourse my career outlook has never been better! I am currently going through a complete career change that I would have never dreamed about before I started this program.
— Conrad - Future Psychologist, Palo Alto