Welcome to the #PIVOTsprint!

This is a 5-day kickstart for you to map what’s next, whether you are pivoting within your current role or business, starting a side-hustle, getting unstuck on a major project, or cookin’ up an even bigger life change.

The week will walk you through the four-stage Pivot Method in—you guessed it!—four days, with some extra reflection at the start and end. Hat tip to the authors of SPRINT for the idea, which this series is modeled upon :)

#PIVOTsprint: Week at a Glance

For each day of the #PIVOTsprint, you’ll get an email that contains four key ingredients: a tip, a reflection question, a suggested action (or two) and a few key tools and templates. The goal is not to do everything, but rather to take ONE meaningful action each day. Choose the one next step that would make the biggest impact toward mapping what’s next.

  • Day 1: Plant

  • Day 2: Scan

  • Day 3: Pilot

  • Day 4: Launch

  • Day 5: Celebrate, Rest & Recharge


P.S. Don’t forget to tweet your #PIVOTsprint progress with the hashtags #PIVOTsprint and #nextmove! And for a complete guide to planning your pivot, check out PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.