Jenny’s Intro Riff:

  • Short meditation and moment of stillness

  • Why is it important to you to build this community?

  • Envisioning your group

  • What does smashing success look like?

  • How can you give your group the red carpet experience?

  • Asking your inner sage for some guidance

Resources Mentioned:

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of establishing a shared vision for your group

  • Managing personal expectations for your role as a group leader

  • Thinking about the extended network of people and resources

  • Logistics of setting up a mastermind group

  • The "Hot Seat" technique

  • Setting and tracking goals

  • Leading your group through the PIVOT process

  • Listening deeply, asking questions, and being an "invisible facilitator"

  • Thoughts on taking notes and being fully present

  • How to navigate and suggest resources in the toolkit

  • Adapting to different learning styles

  • Applying the PIVOT method to the mastermind as a whole

  • How to create mastermind groups around a specific topic

  • Ideas for extending the mastermind and delegating responsibilities

  • Closing meditation: what is one big insight from the call? What is one next step?