Month 2: Scan

Scan by researching new and related skills, talking to others, and mapping out potential opportunities. This is the exploration phase: identifying and plugging knowledge and skill gaps, and having a wide variety of conversations.

Week 1

Bolster Your Bench. You have probably heard phrases like “connections are currency,” and “your network is your net worth”—clichés repeated so often that they are easy to cast aside. Yet it remains true that authentically connecting with others is a far superior opportunity-building strategy than “spray-and-pray” outreach or résumé blasting across online marketplaces.

Discussion prompts:

  • Who do you already know?

  • Who can provide advice?

  • What can you give in return?

Suggested template for post-call homework:

  • Mentor/Network Tracker: Track contact info of people you meet that you want to follow-up with. No need to refer back to business cards – info is easily accessible online (& centralized). Skim through your list every few months & follow-up.

Week 2

Bridge the Gaps. As the adage goes, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” We must now adjust the second directive to: “Teach a man to teach himself how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” The most agile pivoters improve upon the learning process itself so they can adjust quickly as new technologies are introduced.

You can accelerate how quickly you spot skills that are needed, and how rapidly you learn them. While the Plant stage helped you identify strengths already under your belt, you will now learn to effectively scan for new marketable skills, to determine what areas are worth an investment of further learning and research.


Discussion prompts:

  • What skills and expertise will take you to the next level?

Suggested template for post-call homework:

Week 3

Mid-Point Review. Check in with your group to see how things are going so far—what's working best, what progress can you celebrate, and what's next?

Discussion prompts:

  • What have you accomplished so far, both inner shifts and outer-world steps? 
  • What aspects of your strategy might you want to shift or do differently moving forward?
  • What advice would you give yourself for the next few months?

Suggested template for post-call homework:

Make Yourself Discoverable. Now it is time to hone in on specific opportunities and platform-building activities to round out your Pivot portfolio. This third Scan step is about investing your searching time wisely and getting your story straight: making your desired direction known to others, and developing a strategy that enables opportunities to find you by increasing your visibility and reputation.

Discussion prompts:

  • How can you add unique value to your desired audience?
  • What steps would help you build visibility?
  • How can you add what Jenny describes as "Public Original Thinking" to the marketplace to demonstrate expertise, help others, and attract your ideal clients or community? I.e. articles, podcasts, short ebook, etc.

Suggested template for post-call homework:

  • Network Email Mad-Lib Template: This template outlines exactly how to reach out to your network once you’re clear on what you want to do next, and what you bring to the table. Simply fill-in the blanks, personalize, and voilà! You’re ready to send to your inner circle so they can help keep feelers out for you.

Week 4