135: The Bliss Engine with Jim Blake (aka Daddy-O!)

We have a verrrry special guest this week in honor of his big birthday month, and that’s my dad—Jim Blake!

He happened to be in town visiting on a day that I was participating in Podcast Row, an all-day podcasting extravaganza at Stand-up New York. My first guest had a last-minute emergency and had to bow out, so with no notice I pulled my dad onto the main stage and interviewed him about his books, his music, his creative process, and what he calls “mouth management.” We had so much fun!

If you've enjoyed either of my two books it's in large part thanks to his expert editing, content discussions, and ongoing inspiration—so I can’t wait for you to get to know him better through this week’s episode :)

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More About Jim Blake

Jim and Jenny Blake at Podcast Row, Stand-up NY in New York City

Jim and Jenny Blake at Podcast Row, Stand-up NY in New York City

Jim Blake is the principal architect and owner of The Blake Group has twenty-five years of experience meeting complex architectural challenges in all phases of the project delivery process – from the conceptual sketch to the final interior design touches.

Jim Blake has a long track record of delivering order, proportion, beauty and technical expertise to projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Seattle Area, and internationally. He has worked on residential projects throughout his career while also focusing on larger commercial, industrial and transportation buildings. A lifelong painter, musician, writer, and thinker, Jim is now expanding into sculpture.

Topics We Cover

  • My dad’s daily motto, “These are the great times!”

  • Mouth Management and how we can best set ourselves up for bliss

  • Respect and nurturing for the little things; every oak tree starts as pollen

  • How he has transformed a chaotic childhood into creativity

  • Pivoting from residential architecture to a songwriter in Music City (Nashville)

  • Attracting creative muses, and what to do when they are gone

  • Wresting with your art until it sings

The Bliss Engine with Jim Blake

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