73: What's more important to you than perfection? With Jenny Blake

What is more important to you than perfection? This week's show is coming to you unpolished and unedited . . . to prove a point to myself and my inner perfectionist.

I realized it had been a while since I did a solo show (one where there’s no guest), just me riffing on a topic that’s on my mind. And why not? Because my perfectionism monster started running the show! I worried that if conditions weren’t perfect, if I didn’t have my fancy mic while on the road for speaking gigs, or a perfect content outline, that I’d be better off not doing one. Pfft! So for this 30-minute show I just awkwardly shared from the heart ways I push past perfection when it starts blocking my life and creative work. 

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Topics Covered

  • My podcast journey these last three years, how I started scrappy and built slowly. That said, scrappy isn’t about being sloppy

  • Piloting to determine the Three E’s: enjoyment, expertise, expansion

  • Vision: what’s more important to you than perfection? 

  • What perfectionism is rooted in: fears and values

  • My journey with perfectionism around dating and relationships

  • When to look out for the perfectionism monster: before, during and after an event

  • Keep moving! Aim for consistency rather than 100% quality; let the results speak for themselves

  • Choose to 80/20 things; be meticulous about details that matter most, let everything else go

  • Antidote to perfectionism: high net growth mindset

  • Byron Katie's turnaround process, stressful thoughts are like an alarm clock waking you up - any time you have a stressful thought you can choose a different one

Podcast: What's more important to you than perfection?

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