72: BREATHE. From Burned-Out Bodybuilder to Yin Strength Trainer with Anders Varner

"I was broken. Everything hurt. How could I know so much but constantly be in pain? I could go fast with the best, but I was a complete amateur at going slow."
—Anders Varner, founder of The Lower Back Fix

When Anders Varner reached out to me to share his story, I only got halfway through his about page when I knew it was an immediate YES! for a podcast conversation. Many of you know that one of my passions is exploring the intersection of mind, body and business—particularly how we make time to rest, recharge, and take care of ourselves during intense career-building times so that we don't burn out, and can instead build sustainable careers (and bodies) we love.

I had a blast jammin' with Anders about his journey from ego-centric bodybuilder and Crossfit gym owner (where he also got connected to become John Cena's training partner) to an aha moment about slowing down, learning to breathe, and shifting inward. The result is Anders' new focus on yin strength training—that's right, incorporating mindfulness even while muscle-building. I loved this conversation and I know you will too! 


More About Anders Varner

Anders Varner is the co-creator of The Low Back Fix located in San Diego, Ca. Anders found the weight room at 13 and decided he would call it home for the rest of his life. A four- time CrossFit regional competitor and member of John Cena’s “One Ton Club,” Anders has trained with and coached high level athletes from the worlds of the NFL, WWE, and CrossFit. A true believer in self discovery, Anders finds his true passion in helping the every day person live a pain free, empowered life through mindful movement. Anders Varner’s approach has helped transform the lives of stroke victims, pre- and post-partum moms, extreme weight loss clientele, and individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Topics We Cover

  • Anders' experience launching a Crossfit gym and getting to train with John Cena; lessons learned from his work ethic

  • How to be prepared when opportunities arise; never stop learning and always be working on your craft.

  • People find their purpose when they slow down. It's easy to go fast, but harder to go slow.

  • We can be better at staying still and being happy with where we are right now.

  • Creating a long term solution for what you love in life

  • How burnout can affect every part of us, physically and emotionally

  • The ability to create space between an event and our reaction to it and how we choose to react to it

  • Working out doesn't have to be a miserable experience; we need to be kinder to ourselves and treat ourselves better

Podcast: BREATHE. From Bodybuilding to Yin Strength Training with Anders Varner

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