19: Vertigo

I woke up and the room was spinning clockwise.

Am I wasted? No . . . I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in weeks. Is this some kind of immaculately conceived hangover?

After an hour of laying in bed hoping it would pass, I stood up and stumbled. Grabbed for a nearby wall to prop me up. I felt nauseous.

Do I have food poisoning? No . . . I haven’t eaten anything different this week, or any typical poisoning potential foods.

Maybe I just need something to eat . . . a bagel. That will soak up these symptoms.

It was hard to get dressed, I felt so nauseous, but I had no food in the house.

I walked down the street, into a local cafe. Every step was a challenge. If a cop pulled me over for walking under the influence, I would not have passed his straight line test.

I ordered my bagel. I don’t think I can even make it through this transaction . . . Before I could pay, I ran outside to throw up.

Thank goodness for New York City and its trash cans on every corner. I crouched nearby the trash can for a few more minutes just in case. Two very friendly delivery guys got out of their truck and brought me a cup of water.

Am I pregnant?! No, that would be actual immaculate conception.

What is wrong with me?!


This experience happened three weeks ago. For the next three days I was laid out horizontal, unable to sit up, much less work. Thankfully it cleared up that Thursday, Thanksgiving, and I have felt back at 100% since.

In today’s 20-minute podcast I share how I recovered, what my troubleshooting process was, why I’m grateful my body keeps me on a “short leash” and what I learned from this recent health scare.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments after you listen: any recent health blessings-in-disguise that taught you important lessons?


  • Why I think this happened after letting many of my personal health practices slide . . . and how I recovered without medicine (knock on wood that it doesn’t return!)

  • How I have learned to partner with my body over the years to move beyond burnout

  • How our bodies will force us to rest before our mind might recognize we need to

  • How to get curious around symptoms *Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and nothing in this podcast should be taken as medical advice!! Consult your doctor (and your body) for solutions that are right for you.

  • My thyroid condition five years ago and how it relates to this experience

  • How health scares can inform business model choices

  • The role gratitude plays in seeing our bodies as intelligent machines that want equilibrium


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