63: Artist as CEO — with Jenny Blake, Michel Karsouny & Kerri Lowe

Hi friends, long time no talk! I am super excited to be gearing up the Pivot Podcast again with a special episode on Artist as CEO, featuring my guy, Michel Karsouny. Michel and I met over a year ago walking in opposite directions down a New York City sidewalk — how's that for the magic of serendipity?!

My longtime blog friend Kerri Lowe, who helps produce a narrative podcast called ArtistCEO, came over to our studio apartment to facilitate a free-flowing conversation about all things art and business. Find out how we navigate the highs and lows of creative living, moving beyond burnout, and balancing the business side of art-making with opening up space for the unknown. 

Michel Karsouny and Jenny Blake kicking off the Comcast Social Media Lounge at SXSW 2017

Michel Karsouny and Jenny Blake kicking off the Comcast Social Media Lounge at SXSW 2017

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More About Michel Karsouny

Michel Karsouny and Jenny Blake at SXSW

Michel Karsouny is a painter at play with the spectrums between dichotomies. Starting in the study of classical painting techniques and expanding into graphic design and illustration through his business in Beirut, he soon turned to his art full-time. Karsouny says, "My art is my process, and my way of processing cultural and personal grief all around and within. I move between canvas and touch-screen functionally and intentionally - trying to stand at their edges."

Raised in Lebanon, a country steeped in tradition, and now living in New York City, the epicenter of freedom of the hustle and self-expression, Michel strives to create a dialogue that engages both the classical and the contemporary art worlds, and advances the conversation beyond their duality. His focus is on creating art in a way that feels like play while simultaneously transcending the boundaries, limitations, and expectations of opposed worlds — the figure is an abstract of the subject or the subject is the abstract of a figure. His most recent work, ONEDOTPSD, is a study of the line between digital and analog painting, through a process that by design emphasizes mindfulness and impermanence. 

Topics We Cover

  • Can you be an artist and CEO at the same time? 

  • Creating space as a requirement, building in time for recharging on the backside of a sprint

  • Redefining what it means to run a business effectively, challenging the factory model work week

  • Your body is your business (with room for sprints) - peace of mind is fundamental to creativity

  • How/why we justify spending several hours reading every morning (when it used to seem like a waste of time)

  • Bruce lee - be like water — minimize planning to be more strategic, flow

  • What happens when your body slams the breaks - collarbone

  • Cultural differences, valuing doing vs being

  • Seth Price: 4 artist goals (money, culture/scene, craft, freedom)

  • Inquiry for the next phase: How can I create abundance with ease and joy? What is my soul work?

  • Money as a vehicle to help you follow your soul path

  • Delegation: muscle you can build, how it relates to the burnout conversation

  • Bottlenecking, separating income from the requirement to be present to earn it; creating scale

  • Business model choices - putting the solo into solopreneurship rather than building a big consulting enterprise

  • Peak ping - maxed out, the need to free up brain space and ways to do that

  • Create small systems, habit stacking, automation to free yourself so you're not burdened by minutiae

  • Ditching vanity metrics; why I am deliberately terrible at social media

  • Following the threads of serendipity

Podcast: Artist as CEO with Jenny Blake & Michel Karsouny 

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