Lead is about putting the Pivot Method in practice as a manager and coach. You can follow the stages as a guideline for having career conversations, cycling through each of the first three stages—plant, scan, pilot—in as little as ten minutes. You can also apply the Pivot Method as a way to improve upon internal mobility: what is currently working best? What small experiments can you try within your organization to create a Pivot-friendly culture?





  • Actionable Conversations: Lead a Pivot workshop with your team. In partnership with Actionable Conversations, I have created a one-hour workshop that anyone on your team can lead in addition to, or in place of, a kickoff PIVOT keynote with your organization. You will have everything you need to facilitate at the workshop at your fingertips, with a dashboard to track group participation and follow-up. This conversation framework is a great tool for office book clubs, leadership development, and team building exercises. The workshop can guide reflection and discussion about developing within one's role, not just bigger career pivots. Learn more »
  • Actionable Commitment EngineAfter leading a conversation, or as a stand-alone for your existing coaching conversations or training sessions, the Commitment Engine is a robust tool that will encourages participants to rate and track their training or coaching experience, then stay engaged in their learning outside of the classroom or coaching conversation by committing to one new action or behavior change for 30 days. As the program leader, you will get an activity report (sample here) that rolls up session feedback, measurements on what people are tracking and how it's going, and their closure reflection at the end of 30 days. Participants can select how often they'd like to be reminded to check-in, whether daily, weekly or an interval in-between. Learn more »