Pilots, in the career context, are small, low-risk experiments to dip your toe in the water of your new direction. Pilots help gather feedback, and build the bridge between where you are now and where you want to end up. 



  • Momentum SafariThe 3-week Momentum Safari is a daily adventure to help you generate focus, freedom and flow in any area you choose. Each day you will get a small assignment to complete an action, reflection and/or connection, based on themes from different animal avatars. By the end of the three weeks, you will have a renewed sense of clarity and exploration . . . and unstoppable momentum!



  • Opportunity Grid BrainstormScan and pilot with a plan; this template will help you brainstorm potential skills, people and projects.
  • Pilot Risk Map — Evaluation SpreadsheetFull of ideas but not sure which one to pursue next? This spreadsheet will help you map opportunities across four categories, ranging from high risk, high reward to low risk, low reward.
  • Travel Pilot Planning Template: Travel pilots are different from vacations in that they stretch us farther outside of our comfort zone to shake-up stagnant thinking. This template will help you brainstorm travel pilots and provides a framework for evaluating them based on factors like distance, cost of living, and time away.
  • 30-Day Decision Tracker: Without the proper perspective on a situation, it’s all-too-easy to get mired in the weeds of emotion, hope, future worry and past regret. Choose one area you’d like more clarity on and rate how you feel about it each day. This template will certainly encourage you to take a more objective stance on a big question you’re grappling with and see how you feel over time, not just in the heat of the moment.
  • Decision-Making TemplateWeighing a big decision? Pro/con list not doing the trick? This template will help you break down fears/concerns and brainstorm next steps to move you forward.
  • Bottleneck Buster TemplateYou might feel a vague sense of where you’re operating inefficiently, but if you already knew exactly what was clogging up the works, you probably would have fixed it by now! As with many habit changes, awareness is the first step. This template will help you pinpoint bottlenecks and brainstorm ways to improve your systems.
  • Tracker: 5 Minutes for 5 DaysStudies show that we can build habits or a new skill in as little as five minutes a day for five days, aided significantly by tracking our progress. So why not give it a shot? Use this template to track your progress, with a few reflection questions at the end. Bonus: do this together with a friend and share the same spreadsheet!