Scan by researching new and related skills, talking to other people, and mapping out potential opportunities.This is the exploration phase: oftentimes the scanning phase involves doing research, identifying and plugging knowledge and skill gaps, and having a wide variety of conversations with an expanded network, without falling into analysis-paralysis or compare-and-despair. Scanning includes: people, skills, and opportunities.



  • Opportunity Grid BrainstormScan and pilot with a plan; this template will help you brainstorm potential skills, people and projects.
  • Plan Your Next Career MoveThis template will help you start to lift the fog on your career — it breaks down various categories within a job or career (location, company size, type of work, etc), and provides space for you to brainstorm a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves, and can’t stands for each area.
  • Network Email Mad-Lib TemplateThis template outlines exactly how to reach out to your network once you’re clear on what you want to do next, and what you bring to the table. Simply fill-in the blanks, personalize, and voilà! You’re ready to send to your inner circle so they can help keep feelers out for you.
  • Meet MarketMoving to a new area? This template will help you brainstorm ways to meet new people.
  • Mentor/Network TrackerTrack contact info of people you meet that you want to follow-up with. No need to refer back to business cards – info is easily accessible online (& centralized). Skim through your list every few months & follow-up.
  • Mastermind Best Practices, Facilitator Guidelines, and Group Discussion TemplateGuidelines for setting up a mastermind group with peers, and an optional discussion template that you can modify before meetings to share updates.
  • Bartering Best Practices: Pointers for swapping services with friends without exchanging money; brainstorm what you could give and receive; identify what factors will help a specific barter proposal feel fair for both sides. 
  • Professional Development StrategyThis template has three strategy areas: Your Vision (brainstorm about desired impact, what you want to do & have), The What (skills, knowledge, education, experience), and The How (quarterly benchmarks & resources).
  • Platform/Niche Brainstorming & Attracting Ideal ClientsWorried that the market you want to serve is too big? Too small? This worksheet will help take your intended audience from fuzzy generalizations to a clear, specific description that will allow you to become discoverable to your ideal clients (and help friends and family better spread the word). 
  • Ideal Business Design and Action Plan TemplateThis template will help you outline your high-level business goals (schedule, finances, “red carpet” offering) and guide you to create an action-plan to make it happen.





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