121: Raise Your Game (and Ditch Compare-and-Despair) with Alan Stein Jr.

Nobody knows the daily grind of competition and mental game better than athletes and coaches. Today I’m thrilled to share a conversation with basketball and performance coach Alan Stein Jr. on how we can apply these hard-fought principles to building better businesses.

Alan first blew me away with his networking skills — he joined a private group we’re both part of and quickly became an integral member, after I’d been mostly wall-flowering as the hidden introvert that I am. We talk about his strategies for building relationships and ditching unhelpful compare-and-despair for mindsets that are far more helpful and empowering.

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More About Alan Stein Jr.


Alan is a world-renowned coach, speaker and author. He spent 15+ years working the highest performing basketball players on the planet and now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.

Alan specializes in improving individual and organizational leadership, performance and accountability. He inspires and empowers everyone he works with to take immediate action and improve mindset, habits and productivity.

Topics We Cover

  • How he approaches entering a new group as part of professional pivoting (From basketball coach to professional speaker and author)

  • What can I do to serve the group? Emphasize what others need—with no expectation

  • Spent 20 years in the basketball space 

  • Pivoting from player to coach to business and professional speaking

  • How Alan embraced the fact that he’s a rookie on the corporate side; why he’s thankful that he has never had a corporate job

  • Have to use our strengths, talents, passions

  • The story of two teams . . . David and Goliath 

  • Believe you have the advantage, and don’t worry about the competition 

  • Comparison is a game none of us can win

  • Turn the competitiveness toward yourself: look at past results (can I beat what I’ve currently been doing?) and what I believe I’m capable of (can I be bigger, better?)

  • Moving past jealousy, envy in sports, business, looks and life

  • Questions: What sacrifices do I need to make? What challenges should I expect? 

  • Sacrifice: have to be willing to do things others won’t do in order to get to places where not everybody does

  • Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else

  • One of the biggest mistakes we can make is thinking a big goal is going to be easy; it’s okay to expect challenges and adversity, and being told no on a daily basis 

  • Three categories: the next play, controlables, the process

  • Controlables: there are only two things in this world that we have 100% control over 100% of the time: our effort, and our attitude 

  • There’s a lot more in our sphere of influence (preparation, enthusiasm) 

  • Successful people will readily say that effort is a choice; by default, that means that not working hard is also a choice 

  • Parents always said to him: You don’t control what other people do to you, but you do control how you react, and how you choose to internalize that (or not) 

  • All high performers use feedback to make them better

  • Alan’s three favorite recent books

Raise Your Game with Alan Stein Jr.

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