138: How Can You Earn Twice as Much in Half the Time with Joy and Ease? Momentum Doors Open!

If you are a heart-based business owner, and you want to learn how to earn twice as in half the time, with ease and joy while serving the highest good, then I invite you to join us as an official Momentum Member! Visit http://PivotMethod.com/Momentum to learn more about my private community for side-hustlers and solopreneurs, and how we can support you with systems and strategies to build your ideal six- (or seven!) figure business in 2020 and beyond.

More about Momentum and What You’ll Learn in this Special Episode*

*Read from the overview and enrollment page in case you’re more of a listener than a reader and/or want to learn more while on-the-go :)

Five years ago, I created the community that I wish I had when I was building my business, and I share every mistake I have made to hopefully shave years off of your own business and creative struggles. On the surface Momentum is about testing new ideas, sharing resources, getting feedback, and encouraging others.

But really it is about systematizing innovation and joy in our work.

It is about busting out of ruts by experimenting with small ideas, through the added benefit of community and accountability. It’s certainly our goal (if not obsession!) to help you earn back the cost of enrollment and then some—ideally 10X’ing your revenue and saving time every single month as a result of the systems and strategies we share.

If you know you are interested, but debating whether to wait for the next round, I would highly suggest joining us now, as you will be grandfathered in at this price for life. The cost will never be this low again, as we raise the price every year (and every launch) as the value in the community continues to grow.

Learn more and enroll at http://PivotMethod.com/momentum — doors open today, 10/10 and they'll close 10/15 (or when we reach 150 members, whichever comes first).

We offer a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you look around, start the Pivot to Profit on-boarding course, and decide it’s just not a fit, no worries and no questions asked! We’re happy to issue a refund, as we only want to work with people form whom Momentum sparks joy as a business no-brainer :)

Upon enrollment you'll get access to: 

  • Do This Next: 30-Day Systems Quickstart—a mini-course blueprint of exactly what systems, software, and mindset shifts I’d implement first if I were starting my business from scratch across the four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants: Energy, Financial, Business-Building, and Systems Intelligence. You’ll also get my Business Ninja Tech Toolkit: a list of the 32 business services I subscribe to (and at what price) on a recurring monthly basis.

  • Pivot To Profit: Step-by-Step Systems for Designing Your Ideal Six-Figure Heart-Based Business—A six-month on-boarding series, where I’ll teach a live 75-minute Masterclass each month to help you design and build toward your ideal six- or seven-figure business. Together we will help you grow in each of the four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants: Energy, Financial, Business-Building, and Systems Intelligence. You’ll also learn how to pivot when you hit plateaus through the four-stage Pivot Method, a process you can repeat as many times as necessary to gain traction in your business.

  • Momentum Private Community: Fun, Focus, Flow, and Crazy-Smart Systems—Get ongoing support, ideas, and feedback within a powerful private community of heart-centered solopreneurs, with twice monthly Q&As with Jenny and quarterly Hot Seat coaching. Upon enrolling, you’ll also get instant access to 5+ years of Q&A call archives, and a library that includes one-hour workshops on everything from attracting ideal clients, to non-sleazy marketing, to setting soul goals, and launching a book or podcast.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in the Pivot to Profit bonus course, as I cover the Four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants across six live masterclasses over the next six months:


How Can You Earn Twice as Much in Half the Time with Joy and Ease?

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