79: Set Your 2018 Pivot Strategy with Jenny Blake

To help you kick-off the new year in style and soul-aligned next steps, I’m back with my annual Set Your Pivot Strategy episode—new and improved with the best resources and reflection questions I’ve got. 

I encourage you to get out a pen and paper for this one—yes, analog-style—and pause frequently to journal for as long as you’d like on each prompt. Go big! Go for quantity, not quality, and don’t censor yourself or worry yet about whether or not what you’re envisioning is possible—the time for that will come later. When you think you’re done writing, keep going! That just means you’ve gotten your most obvious ideas down. Pushing through the pauses is where you create breakthroughs, and every time you sit with a question you’ve never heard before, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain. 

Remember—not all pivots have to be massive career moves, nor should they be. The best pivots, and your best chance of success, lie in starting exactly where you are, by: 

  • Doubling down on what’s working

  • Envisioning what success looks like one year from now

  • Scanning for people, skills and projects that interest you and build on your strengths and vision, then

  • Setting up a handful of small experiments to let them show you which ones gain the most traction on their own

Happy Pivot planning! Full show notes at PivotMethod.com/podcast/strategy-2018

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Resources for companies and managers:

  • Keynotes: As a keynote speaker, my philosophy and passion as a facilitator is to keep everyone energized and engaged, while giving ample time for personal reflection, getting to know their peers, and creating their own customized plan for how they want to grow in the coming year. I love working with audiences of all shapes and sizes, and have worked with companies like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Forbes, as well as keynoting at conferences for entrepreneurs.

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  • Leader Toolkit: Tools and resources for putting the Pivot Method in practice as a manager and coach. This includes a Career Conversation Starter Kit as well as templates to send to your team.

Topics I Cover

  • Pivot Resources

  • [~08:00] What is your word or theme of the year?

  • [~12:00] What are your soul goals? Why I agree with Tosha Silver on not just creating a "grocery list for God"

  • [~15:00] Create a 2018 strategy mind map

  • Ask: What sparks joy? Don't get stuck in shoulds

  • Form combinatorial questions: how can I do X and Y? For example, when I was leaving Google I focused on the question "how can I earn twice as much in half the time?"

  • [~20:00] Pivot Method: Prompts for each of the four stages to set your strategy and set-up small experiments (Plant, Scan, Pilot, Launch)

  • [~40:00] Handling the fear that often comes with setting big goals

Resources Mentioned

Podcast: Set Your 2018 Pivot Strategy

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